I'm Glad You Came

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m4rloe5 asked: "So you're writing now when I'm away? I'm insulted! (no dear go ahead I'm glad you are taking up writing again!)"

Haha, I’m sorry! :P x

Anonymous asked: "Oh, I sent the one where luke jealous when ashton playing with calum, and also where luke forget his lyrics and ashton try to cheer him up :)"

Ah, alright:) Thank you:) ♥ x

Anonymous asked: "Today??? aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so excited!!"

:D just a quick question: I’ve quite a bunch of Lashton prompts, so which one did you send again? :) x

Anonymous asked: "Are you writing anything soon? I'm kinda get too excited about my lashton request :D"

Yes, yes, so sorry but yes, I’ll probably post it today:) x