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lord of the rings + the two towers scenery

Luke’s in bed next to me.


hahaha no


hahaha no

The Worst of Times

Prompt: Know you’re busy, do this whenever you can :) up until TW Nathan was in the foster dare system since the day he was born (never adopted BC he had heart issues as a baby) and it somehow comes out that his foster dad punched him, burned out his cigarettes on him (maybe he gets scared when max or Tom say they need to put out their cigs. And he thinks they mean on him and they see the scars) and he was thrown down a flight of stairs. Sorry, its alot I know but I love your writing :)

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Anonymous asked: "Hey I was wondering what's the next story you will be posting and also I was wondering if you would be posting a story everyday?"

It is the one where Nathan used to be abused. And no, I planned on doing it, but I had to write everything within three days because I am in Spain. This is all on queue. But I didn’t quite make it and here the wifi is really minimum so I can’t post from here. But today there will be something:) x

Anonymous asked: "Hey hunny I was wondering what story you would be posting next and when ? :) luv u !!!!!!!!"

Hello, darling:) Everything that is posted here is on queue as I am in Spain right now:) So yes, today there will come a story. Not sure when, but it will post automatically:) x

caldawgs asked: calum hood or luke hemmings?