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so basically, the band wasn’t working out so calum got a job at youtube.

but that wasn’t working out, so he switched over to target. to save his good reputation, he took on the mysterious identity of “herbert”.

he got fired, and ended up in construction.

Omg, ik weet het! Ik voel mezelf gewoon opwarmen:$

Anonymous asked: "Hey what's the next story you'll be posting?"

I was working on part two of my latest story x

Alright, small problem.. I have been writing for three hours now and all it came out with are a little over 1000 words. I really can’t think of how to continue this and it is getting late.. I will have to continue this tomorrow and post it as early as possible.

(this is about how I feel right now.. Like shit. And it is very late and extremely hot out here. Like, really,really hot. I am like steaming in the middle of the night. Can you see that heat flying around in the darkness of my room)

What I Like About You (Madrid 11.07.2014)